I'm so glad you're here!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself...


I live in the UK in a small farming village - right at the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, near the town of Harrogate.  I think it just might be the place I dreamed of as a little girl - its beautiful...

As well as being a licensed artist (for info on this go to my FAQ page) and mentoring, I am a wife to Robert and a Mum to Brandon, Joseph and Benjamin.  Yes, three boys - no wonder I like pink so much [wink].

My artwork stems from a place of faith, joy and a sense of wonder - it's an integral part of who I am, my identity.  I love vibrant colour, texture and nature in its many forms.  Many of my pieces also include heart-felt words of comfort and inspiration for you and me.  I also love to paint female portraits (in many different styles) as it helps me to access my inner life and the various seasons of life.

I enjoy working with women who wish to embrace their passion - either on a personal, spiritual or business level.  So, please get in touch and from there, we could discuss ideas (practical and soulful) for cultivating a creative practice that's right for you.

My first ecourse 'Embrace - a spiritual journey' launched the end of April 2014.

My second ecourse is self-paced and entitled 'Delight - an art ecourse'.

If you would like to connect further, please visit my facebook page, twitter, pinterest and instagram.   You can also subscribe to my blog via Bloglovin - bringing all your subscriptions to blogs in one place.  Or,  subscribe to my blog posts and monthly'ish Newsletter - receive updates via your email inbox.

So, I hope you've enjoyed looking around and it's been lovely having you here...

Miscellaneous bits of info about who i am...

  • I love sugar ring doughnuts (mind, who doesn't? ;)).
  • I'm always getting well-known phrases muddled up (much to my family's amusement)!
  • All things 'pastry' are my weakness.  I especially like a traditional beef &  ale pie!
  • We have a dog named Mia and a cat named Daisy.  They hate each other, pretty much.
  • I enjoy my own company but equally like to have family and friends around me.
  • I love being outdoors on my walks with Mia - it's my time for reflection.
  • Books, books, books - love them!  I always have a pile by the bedside -  lots of other places too!
  • I love history, medical and science programmes, most cookery programmes together with 'The Sewing Bee' and 'Bake Off'.
  • A camera (mostly iPhone) is always with me, otherwise I hyperventilate!
  • A mug of tea is always with me, otherwise I hyperventilate!  (Water too, when I'm being diligent!)
  • Adore singing and dancing in the kitchen as well as the car and shower.
  • Happy when I'm cooking but also when I have dinner out - yum!
  • Enjoy 'deep' chats with friends and hubby.
  • Cuddles on the sofa with my boys.
  • Like: the sound of waves, birds singing and hearing the boys chatting together (without them knowing).
  • Married for 14 years this summer (2016).
  • Our honeymoon was in Bali - special memories, always.
  • Have a few close friends and value friendship greatly.  One of my longstanding friends is from school.  We've been friends for 33 years (and we can still chat for a few hours solid, no probs after not seeing each other for 6 months or so - she lives abroad).
  • I used to be a Beauty Therapist with international professional qualifications.  My skills included reflexology, aromatherapy, Eastern head massage, Reiki, professional make up, electrolysis and all the beauty treatments you would expect.
  • I lived in the USA for seven years and first was a nanny (to two boys) and then worked in a very large law firm in the suburbs of Philadelphia near Lancaster County, where the wonderful Amish based film, 'Witness' with Harrison Ford and Kelly McGinnis was filmed. 
  • Studied foundation level psychology and counselling skills.
  • Secret dream: to be a singer (that's the exhibitionist side of me!)
  • My first-born son, Brandon was born on Christmas Day in the States!
  • Favourite films 'Bridges of Madison County' and 'Out of Africa' - both feature Meryl Streep.  I was 17 years old when I first saw 'Out of Africa' and it has resonated with me ever since.
  • Our youngest son was born in a water pool in the hospital - fab experience (minus the pain of course).
  •  I'm a Christian - we're a Christian family and here is my unfolding faith story.

Artist Statement/Bio